Photo Contest


Level 3
Yeah see, great input and we are getting somewhere. I'm all in for this contest (whether I'll be participating or not). It'll bring more creativity and make good use of our camera. I think a photography section (basing on the contest) will fit great into the new Khmer Portal.

It will be nice to have one. Members can pin point some of their own tips on photography. Pocket has a nice camera, he can give some tips on perfect picture taking. :)
The photo contest thing will never happen. ;)
My feeling, feeling.
We should have a photo cheating contest.


I am looking for a semi professional photo section on the new Khmer Portal, so this contest is still high on my priority list. @thahappycamper's requirement suggestion could still work (resolution of at least 5 mega pixels upon request, for example).
Bong Ash, you're such an inspiration to me, you are living proof that :