Spl2: A Time For Consequences - Review


-SPL2: A Time for Consequences-

Review by WuxiaLover


Starring Tony Jaa, Wu Jing, Simon Yam

This is a sequel only in name to SPL with Donnie Yen, it has nothing to do with the first one. Which mean this movie can be watch as a standalone. The story is about a security guard (Tony Jaa) in a Thai prison who needed money to treat his daughter's illness. But when he found out the conspiracy hidden within the prison, he must decide between saving his daughter's life or work with a Chinese cop (Wu Jing) to stop his own boss.

This is an awesome movie. Hong Kong meets Thai action martial arts thriller. Good plot, characters, and action. This ranks among Tony Jaa's best, if not his best. Jaa is given more to do here than fighting, and his acting has improved. The movie isn't without its problem. The pacing in the opening act of the movie is a bit slow, as it stumble to find a way to introduce the characters and link their stories together. But once the film gets going, it delivers.

For action/martial arts movie fan, I recommend this. 8/10


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