Sex Addiction


Scared the pants off me :D to read you confession. but seriously what you described is not sex addiction at all it is pretty normal is it not?
Fact that you said you are half-joking (pretty hilarious by the way but the kind of creepy way... hehe)

Assuming then the first part of the story is true then I think this is normal, we are human with greed and desire as long as you are not pursuing it in a criminal or immoral way then it is healthy, why treat it, If your are still single? otherwise may be you should change your career to be a Monk haha...
For the second part I do not believe your story... judging from what I read so far.
But again everything comes with trade off I supposed, in a relationship you give some you take some... you want steady relationship then you will need to treat you partner with respects.. that including her relatives....
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I grew up in high school sleeping with a lot of good looking woman.
I guess you get used to that sorta thing. This is actually talked about it psychology and men's health 101.
Basically, men are developed to be sexually attracted to woman during this stage in their development.
But as some men age, their sexual desire remains toward this age group, towards young sexy woman.
I guess I fall under that category of men. I like my woman young and sexy - prolly until I die. :D

I'm an old man, really. I'm 33 but I aged a lot more. Boy I really did push my body hard.
But I still like them 18 years old. Do I seek them out, fucks no, I did it once, it didn't work out.

Even my gf right now is 6 years younger than me.
I been trying to get with her little sister for the last 6 years.
She's 21 and looking damn good, also been trying to get with the mother too.
She's in her late 40s. They all think I'm crazy lolz. hahahahahahaha

I"m pretty mellow in real life other than the sexual problem.
Man I don't even see it as a problem. You know how many men are actually like that?

Marvelous, can I do you? Take everything I say here with a grain of salt. ;)

Sex is normal...but you are half joking right?