Sammul Chan Kin Fung


Sammul Chan is one of my favorite artist next to Eddie peng and Wallace Hou. Once an actor for Tvb, he has left the company and now one of the hottest raising star in Mainland China! He is absolutely a great actor and singer. My most favorite series with Sammul are Scheme of beauty/ Beauty Rival in Palace as Liu Heng and Relic of an Emissary as Ma Sam Po.


Chinese Name : Chan Kin Fung
Mandarin: Chen Jian Feng
Real name: Chan Yan Yiu/Chen En Yao
Profession: Actor and singer
Birthplace: Hong Kong now works in Mainland China
Birthdate: 1978-May-04
Height: 6 feet

Films (From Wikipedia)
1999- The Young Ones as Chan Chi-lung
1999- Sunny Cops
2000- Eternal Love
2001- Phantom Call as Royie Chan
2001- Ashes to Ashes: Against Smoking
2001T- he Avenging Fist as Nova
2001- Shadow as Sammy
2002I- rresistible Piggies as Peter Pao
2003- Man Suddenly in Black as flight attendant
2005- Colour of the Loyalty
2005- New BornChan as Wang-fung
2005- iSir
2006- We Are Family as flight attendant
2007- 200 Pounds Beauty as Sang-jun (Voice)
2009- Turning Point as police officer
2011- Turning Point 2

Television dramas

1999- Side Beat as Choi
1999- A Kindred Spirit
1999- Witness to a Prosecution as Lau Wah
2000- Armed Reaction II as Tim
2000- Incurable Traits as Young General
2000- Crimson Sabre
2001- The Heaven Sword and Dragon as Sabre Sam
2001- Reaching Out as Ken Kwok Kai-bong
2003- Survivor's Law as Vincent Cheuk Wai-ming
2003- Triumph in the Skies as Donald Man Ho-chung
2003- Point of No Return as Tsang Kwok-bong
2004- The Vigilante in the as MaskPo Kwong
2004- ICAC Investigators 2004 as Ming
2004- Supreme Fate as Sammul
2005- Wong Fei-hung: Master of Kung Fu as Leung Foon
2005- The Academy as Lee Pak-kiu
2005- When Rules Turn Loose as Dick Ching Hok-kan
2006- Bar Benders as Lam Ka-suen
2006- Maidens' Vow as Wang Yuk-luen
Sheung Yat-kat
2006- The Price of Greed as Tsui Fung / Mau Chi
2007- The White Flame as Yung Tak-kei
2007- The Academy II: On The First Beat as PC. Lee Pak-kiu
2007- The Legend of Chu Liuxiang as Emperor
2007/08- Survivor's Law II as Vincent Cheuk Wai-ming
2008- The Last Princess as Wen Liangyu
2008- The Four as Chui Leuk-sheung / Chaser
2008- Rose Martial World as Ming Shaoqing
2009- The Academy III: E.U. as PI. Lee Pak-kiu
2009- A Bride for a Ride as Chow Man-bun
2009- ICAC Investigators 2009 as Senior Investigator Chan Ka-ming
2010- Beauty's Rival in Palace as Liu Heng, Emperor Wen of Han
2010- Reflection from the Misty Rain as Zhang Cheng'en
2010- The Comeback Clan as Glenn Yip Chik-leung
2011- Relic of an Emissary as Ma Sam-po / Cheng Wo
2011- The Golden Age of the Leftover Ladies as Li Hao
2011- Guts of ManTung Fei
2011- Ai Shang Wei Xiao as Dr. Jiao Tianzuo
2011- ICAC Investigators 2011Senior Investigator as Wu Ching-yuen
2012- In Search of the Supernatural as Su He / Xiao Dai
2012- Luan Shi Jia Ren as He Tian
2013- Wheel of Fortune as Youdao
2013- Beauties at the Crossfire as Du Yuntang
2014- The Investiture of the Gods as Jiang Ziya
2014- Tears of Woman as Wu Lianshan
TBA- Weibo Daren as Han Zijing
TBA12- Money Darts as Yang Hua

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The level of talent these kinds of people possess is quite extraordinary. I don't know how they do it. They are more talented than Hollywood actors, more talented than Bollywood actors. I dont know, maybe they are also more talented than Korean actors? Japanese actors sucks, I know that though.


I would say so, most Chinese actor can sing and act, not to mention they can speak canto/mando/and english. Most of them look beautiful before they even get surgery lol

You guys probably don't know that Sammul is a very good singer