Nba Fans - Who Should Be On Inside The Nba On Tnt


Inside the NBA on TNT is something I look forward to after an NBA game televised on TNT. Currently, there are 3 analysts and Ernie being the mediator (whatever you call him haha). These 3 analysts are Shaquille O'neal, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley.

I am personally in favor of Kenny and Chuck. These 2 fellas sync together like Nsync. They flow like water going down the riverbed. When Shaq came along, it looked like it was slightly disrupted. Sooner than later, in my opinion, Shaq became the 3rd wheel. He doesn't have anything constructive to say. He just stares and dogs on Chuck or Kenny. Other than Shaqtin' a Fool, this guy is useless like bread on my dinner plate. Yes, I eat bread, but I don't crave it like almost all of my friends do, so I'd rather pass it along like how I would pass Shaq along and away from TNT haha.

So, Shaq should be dropped! I know this is cruel, but I'm hoping this happens and somehow Paul Pierce gets picked up by TNT after he retires. The Truth's got some valid commentaries I'd love to hear.