Dedication To People Who Cries Because Of Break Ups...


this is for the people that cries over break ups. I'm in no place to judge you because i don't know what kind of relationships you go thru. but life is too precious to waste on a man or woman who clearly don't care about you.

It’s been 2 months and 3 days
The time our relationship ended, and we parted our ways.
But still… I remember the time that we shared.
A moment in my life when I thought you really cared
We use to sit and talk about things that usually end in laughs.
But remembering it always seems to break my heart in half.
But we were so young,
Our life, metaphorically is like a loaded gun.
We knew it wouldn’t last
But we tried to deny it, and it ended like blast.
As you watched the seemingly dark red sky,
I watched you walk away with blood soaked eyes.
Yet you walked ahead throwing our relationship away,
You left me speechless; I didn’t know what to say.
So I’m back in my room living life as I should.
To forget that person who hurt me as best as I could.
For all we know, life is too precious for us to sit and waste
So I dried my eyes, and prepared myself to run this lifelong race…
:drowning: Oh I hate getting dumped. I got dumped once or twice, didn't like it very much. Then I became the aggressor.
Now I dump all my boyfriends before they dump me :D

Good morning, TinaBoo :D