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  • Hey everyone!

    My driveshaft is vibrating at high speeds, and it's driving me crazy. Has anyone had this problem before?

    I'm trying to choose the best way to resolve this:

    Take the driveshaft off and have it balanced at a shop. It seems more reliable but involves a lot of hassle and costs more. I've also heard it can be balanced right on the car. They balance it on a lift with some tools without taking
    Hey guys!

    I've encountered a really annoying issue – there's a noticeable vibration at speed, and it's clear the driveshaft is the culprit. It's particularly noticeable at speeds between 80-90 km/h. Based on some forum posts, it looks like an imbalance issue.

    How can I resolve this?

    Remove it and take it to a balancing machine. It's a reliable method, though it's a bit of a hassle and expensive. I've h
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