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    Incomplete Legend Of Sword

    for other people whom come aross this post the series is known as Swords of Legend and is an adaptation of the RPG game of the Legend of the Ancient Sword. Available to watch @ youtube (undubbed w/ english subs)
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    Download - Complete Demi God Semi Devil (2013) Vol. 2

    and a few subsequent posts leads me to believe this post and related media is a continuation of the series. I am confused. As far as I have been able to find out the 2013 adaptation of Jin Yongs wuxia novel of the same title, wiki lists it as 54 episodes as does...
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    What Is The Name Of This Movie?

    Hullo folks, Can some kind soul tell me the name of this movie please; title as per tudou link is " 2010锦衣卫BD_2010锦衣卫BD粤语  > which google translates to an obscure 2010 Guard Guard BD_ 2010 BD Cantonese Looks really interesting. Obviously can't...
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    hi. you are so nice. always sharing content and doing so much. so i "follow" you to add to your...

    hi. you are so nice. always sharing content and doing so much. so i "follow" you to add to your points eventhough i will not be long here... wishing you well and prosperity
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    Introduce Yourself

    [add / for post count] as it has dawned upon me that whatever content that appeals to me may not include english subs, @ the very least I get some info on my relevant interests and hopefully receive additional helpful info....thks to all in advance who do do so
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    Complete The Legend And The Hero Season2 ( 2009)

    hi, appreciate your efforts, much like we all do. what is the status please? also is there season 1 that is available? any reply is welcomed
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    How Do You Feel Today (mood)?

    seems as there has not been much activity for this year. and that the streaming links dont last
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    How Do You Feel Today (mood)?

    after a few hours on this site and discovering to my dismay no alive wuxia titles; am feeling dowwnnn....
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    Complete Meteor, Butterfly, Sword (2010)

    Errmm, excuse my ignorance. What was the title of the 2003 version please?
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    Adding Soon The Sword And The Chess Of Death (2007)

    wow! poster looks good. is it full of action and magic power skills?? are there any english subtitles ?
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    Download - Complete Demi God Semi Devil (2013) Vol. 2

    wait a mo... am getting confused. Wiki sez 54 episodes. I recall you mentioning there are 30episodes. Which brings me to ask; what does it mean "Vol. 2"? Before this post I suspect it to be similar to season 2....
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    Download - Complete Demi God Semi Devil (2013) Vol. 2

    lolzzzzzz you are frickin hilarious happy. laughing so much
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    Download - Complete Demi God Semi Devil (2013) Vol. 2

    Can you share some links with me pls happy?
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    Introduce Yourself

    Greetings to a very vibrant, friendly and seemingly nice community here @ khmer. Am most likely passing through here for a time, being a british-born malaysian I do not speak either Cambodian or any Chinese dialect. That has however not impeded by ever-growing interest in Chinese movies and now...
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    It is very true what some have said of home-cookd meals. I used to spend extravagantly in my younger years and think that I have managed to quell my impulse habits. my only weaknesses are crisps and biscuits - which I take as special treats every now and again, everything else I am most frugal...
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    Complete The Prelude Of Lotus Lantern 1

    slowly i hve just realised now that most of the content made available here is mostly dubbed into err cambodian (?)... anyways n whatever.... for me it seems very difficult to find chinese series (graduating from movies to series) along the genre i like (fantasy/historical with action/comedy -...
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    Download - Complete The Legendary Prime Minister – Zhuge Liang (1985)

    Hi can anyone advise if there is action in this series please
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    Complete The Family Link

    was the upload/streaming project abandoned? or is there a "hosting" time limit once vids have been uploaded to stream site? I get the same message as my other post "currently unavailable" et al
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    Forum Updates - September 2014

    thank you hunnie for all your helpful posts
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    Point Rewards

    very interesting and refreshing way of encouraging user activity!!! wd khmer team