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  1. G&14.jpg G&I.jpg G&I2.jpg G&i3.jpg G&i5.jpe Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing good! It's been awhile since I blogged. I am here because I wanted to recommend my new addiction- General and I- It is absolutely amazing!! Okay not without flaw but the story is pretty captivating and also Wallace Chung looks dashingly handsome here! The show is currently airing right now- and is also being subbed my dramafever however if you want to skip the advertisements also has it available for streaming download.

    Here is the link below for those who are interested
    I will probably write a review once it is done airing! Right now there are 29 out of 62 episode release, with only 26 being subbed. No worries, they subbed pretty frequently so we don't have to wait!

    Here are some captivating photos! Someone fan me because Wallace Chung is HOoot here lol




  2. My ship has sailed, and the beautiful couple are tying the knot, July 31, 2016. The news came fast, they announced their relationship in May, Engagement in June, and now they are getting married. Ten years of friendship that turned in to love. Hu Ge, Liu Tao, Liu Shi Shi, Nicky Wu, Shu Qi, Fan Bing Bing, and many other stars will be joing the couples in celebrating their everlasting love (I Hope at least). Not sure who the braidsmaid and groomsmen are going to be yet. Will Wallace's groomsmen be as handsome as Yuan Hong's groosmen?

    Yuan Hong Wedding 13.jpg
    Ma Tian Yu, Hu Ge, Yuan Hong, EDDIE PENG, and Liu Hao Ran
    EDDIE PENG, Huan Hong, Liu hao Ran, (back) Hu Ge and Ma Tian Yu.

    Here are some photo of their dinner with friends last night, i wouldn't call it a wedding rehearsal , Asian people just don't really do that!


    The Groom and Bride to be.

    Hu Ge to Wallace "Don't worry you got this!"

    Hu Ge "Always a groomsmen and never the groom" Sigh when will I frind my true love??

    Hu Ge " Girls only pic? Whatever then!"

    Nicky Wu "The secret to marriage consist of coffee and reading."


    Shu Qi " I know this dress confuses me too! It kind of a combination of Ruby and Liu tao's dress, made out of raincoat material! I wasn't sure if the weather was going to be nice or not, ill just look cute so people don't notice my dress to much.

    More to come ......
  3. WR3.jpg

    In the world of celebrities news, Taiwanese actor Wallace Huo and Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin announced to the world wide web that they are an item! WOW I really don't care much about shipping artist in real life, but I am truly happy for the two, I thought I share this news with you guys! Wallace is one of my favorite artist , as well as Ruby! Ruby is 40 this year, and the girl is still smoking hot and able to snatch 36 year old Wallace! I do hope they do get married and have some wonderful looking beautiful babies soon!! hehehe

    Some picture down memory lane.
    Their first collaboration, Sound of Colors.

    Second collaboration, The Glamorous Imperial Concubine


    After filming the series, there were rumours of them dating, Ruby even posted the below photo, but took down quickly on her wiebo account. Hah so maybe they were dating on and off? And now that they are stable they decided it is time to announce their realtionship??

    And most recent photo of them
  4. Nirvana in Fire also known as Langya Bang, is the BEST c-drama series I've seen in 2015, or let me rephrase that - One of the best c-drama series since the year 2000!! I'm so impressed with everything in this series! This is how I remember series while growing up! It brought back the great wuxia feel I used to have from the golden 80's and early 90's that TVB used to produce! From the acting and the cast, each and everyone is doing a brilliant job!! The cinematography in this series is so beautiful, and the martial art segment is done perfectly!! There are CGI done fore the scenery, and it is done with taste and class not like the ones we see now, which are usually raped with CGI effects!!!

    Hu Ge takes the male lead while Liu Tao takes on the female lead! Now if you are looking for romance in this series, you probably will be disappointed, since this series BROmance driven!! However whatever romance is shown so far (I am only on ep 18) is very subtle, and I can say that it is perfectly orchestrated! With the little touch and eye contact, makes it so romantic and genuine! I won't spoil to much of the series at the moment I just wanted to come here and praise this awesomeness, and hopefully you guys will give it a try!! So good!!!

    You can read the synopsis and the rest of the cast list on VIKI, they are slowly subbing the series, and doing a fantastic job! ENjoy.
    Bormanace of the Liang Kingdom!

    When two amazing actors get together!! Just a whole bunch of awesomeness happens

    I would have never thought that these two will ever be paired together do to different company and line of series they do! However this casting director needs to win an award for putting not only the couple together, also the rest of the cast is so good!! Major chemistry!!!

    I wanted to add more of my favorite photo
    Mei Chang Su/Lin Shu
    huge.jpe huge2.jpg
    Princess Ni Huang
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  5. This series has aired last month in China after a long 4 years wait. Loosely adapted from a popular Chinese novel, the story tells a tale of a princess named Ye Zhen and her journey of becoming the dream weaver. I don't want to get into the story too much, because it will bring spoilers. I haven't seen a good wuxia-fantasy like series in such a long time! I personally recommend this series to you guys! You can watch it here as it is in the process of dubbing, so far ep 26 is being release- You can watch it on Viki-

    There are two actress that really stood out so far for me, I've seen them in supporting roles before but really didn't take that much notice of them until now

    1. Jiang Xin as Song Ning. A bad-ass female character! I really love her in here, you will live her emotion as she express it through he acting.
    jian xin.jpg

    2. Guo Zhen Ni as Ying Ge and Jin Que- her acting is really good, play twins is always a challenge she nails both the cheerful Jin Que and the emotionaless Ying Ge very well. You can also feel the sorrow from each characters!
    ying ge.jpeg

    Kevin Cheng protray Mu Yan/Su Yu and is the lead in this series, not to mention way better in this series than "Mystery of the Palace". Although his character is still quite a mystery to me, the sub plot are more interesting. I find no connection towards the lead actress, as i feel like she is mostly smiling and her eyes are starring all over the place. The love story for me is just not as interesting as the sub-plots.

    I have not gotten to Gan Ting Ting and Qiao Zhen Yu story yet, I am looking forward to it!
    Maybe If I do have time I can do a full review on this series. I hope you guys enjoy it! The cinematography in this series is beautiful! A little CGI, but it is not as bad and overly use like the other fantasy series.

  6. fyqy.jpg

    This series is also known as Da Mo Yao/ Desert ballad is one of the most anticipated series of all time. Due to many regulation violations, the production company had to do a lot of re-editing, name and location changes so it does not conflict with Chinese history. Almost 3 long years of waiting the series has finally premiered on Oct 1, airing 2 episode on Wednesday and Thursday nights. As many of you probably can tell I am a fan girl of Eddie Peng. Eddie is one of the lead actor portraying the arrogant and handsome general Wei Wuji. Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi also co-stars along side with Eddie in a long triangle.

    Many of Hu Ge and LSS shipper fans were also very disappointed that Hu Ge was not cast as the handsome general! Of course being very bias, lead to hardcore bashing to Mr. Peng! As for myself, it was Eddie Peng who actually drawn my attention to the series. I have always been a fan of Eddie since I've seen him in Chinese paladin 1 and the Yang warriors, playing the supporting role, while Hu Ge was the lead. I thought it was quite interesting that I saw Eddie playing the lead. I have also seen him in other films and I think he is quit brilliant besides his dashing good looks. I have watch the first 4 episode so far, and I think the casting are just perfect! they just looks their part! I am just loving all the moments between EP with LSS and HG with LSS.

    I know I usually do series review, however this series is just special to me lol, so just want to share it with you guys, and i hope it does get dubbed really soon. Here is the first ep with english subs.

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  7. soupo.jpg


    Sammul Chan – Su He/ Dumb Dumb(Xaio Di)

    Chen Zihan – Xiang Yao (Sing E)

    Patrick Tam – Su Wai/ Master of Black mountain

    Liu Liyang - The girl who looks like a boy and is in love with Su wai

    Zhou Dehua – The cow guy

    Chen Meixing – The girl who likes the cow guy

    Zhou Shaodong – Xin Nong

    Sou Shen Ji also known as In Search of the Supernatural is not consider to be my cup of tea, however the pairing of Sammul Chan and Chen Zihan is what brought my interest in the first place. Not to mention I have always had a crush on Sammul. Sou Shin Ji is not by all means an award winning drama, if you are looking for a cheesy romantic fantasy this might be the series for you! For all who have watch Games Of thrones will be familiar with Sou Shen Ji opening, which share the same opening score and concept as the Games of throne! HAH! Also there is some Chinese Paladin element to it.

    This is a very small scale production with only Sammul Chan and Patrick Tam who are the more popular amongst the casts. Chen Zi Han is cast as the female lead, this is rather refreshing since she is usually cast as the supporting actress and she usually does not portray the girl next door kind of character. This was a pleasant surprise, I am glad she had her chance to shine. This is probably one of the reason I start to like mainland series better than HK ones. They at least give leading roles to supporting actress, ones who can really act instead of over promoting the same old artist makes you cringe at their attempt of so called acting.


    The first few episode was fast pace and drawn me right into it. Sammul first appearance as Su He after cracking from the burnt dirt was all eye candy, he looked so dashing! I love Sammul dumb dumb character in this series! His stupid facial expression just makes him even more cuter! I have even notice that he looks so tall compare to all the other co-star! Is Sammul really that tall? So I looked up his height and it happened to be that he is 6 foot tall, woa good height for being Asian. I thought he played his part quite well. Most enjoyable sense were the ones with Sammul, and every time he discover he has a new power lol.

    As for Chen Zihan I think she was pretty solid with her spoiled, playful character, too bad I hate this type of character. I was not fond of Xaing Yao at all, I wish that they would of did something else with her character, as mention above one of the Chinese Paladin element would be that Xaing Yao is a female version of Li Xiao Yao, oh look they even have the name Yao is incorporated. She was so wishy washy and her character was so inconsistent and not smart at all. In the beginning while Su he was sleeping he was calling out Hong Lu’s name, and she was pretty upset about it, and even called Su He on it, but when the Human King mention Hong Lu she all of a sudden doesn’t anyone of that name, I was starting to think that, have the script writer forgot? Luckily they she recalled it in episode 32 or 33 or else I would be so frustrated for the poor inconsistency. Even though I am not a fan of the Xaing Yao, I have look past that since it was Chen Zihan. Funny I think Chen ZIhan looks so much more beautiful when she doesn’t talk hehe. Needles the pairing of Sammul Chan and Chen Zihan was refreshing.

    Patrick Tam as Su Wai/the Black Mountain master , I felt I have seen him portrays this type of character many times before so there was nothing spectacular for me about his performance. I do like this villain; I always enjoy villains that are semi evil. His love and sacrifice for his brother is what makes you not hate this villain. I was disappointed, with the end reunion with Su Wai and Su He, I wish they elaborated more, instead of his just knowing that was his brother during the end battle. I was thinking, “did I miss something?”. That’s what I was waiting for during the whole series, their reunion, but instead it was very BLAH! His love for Xaing Yao was also very weird, she was more mother like figure, why would he fall in love with her? Liu Li Yang portrayed one of his disciple and had fallen in love with him, she even waited for him til her hair turn grey! I wonder why she loved him so much? Maybe if she stop dressing like a boy Su Wai would of had some interest for her hehe.


    The phrase “When you love someone, you will sacrifice your own happiness for them to be happy” is used in so many series. Not only in ancient series but in modern one as well, I called BS, every time that phrase is used I want to throw up in mouth! Sacrificing your happiness is not love, it’s called being silly. Who wants to watch the person they love be with someone else, I say keep fighting if you really want to be that person, okay well doesn’t go so hard that you become a creep and scare the person off. I can forgive Su he in this case since he is after all a dumb dumb who lost his memory, not to mention he wasn’t that bright before the memory lost! The guy did fall in love with Hong Lun at first sight, and was blinded with his fantasy of having someone to love and grow a family with, well aren’t we glad that didn’t last! Or else he would off not found his true love, Xiang Yao! I am glad that they did elaborate the unfolding of Xiang Yao feelings changes from Xin Nong to Hu Su!

    The cow guy of course played his annoying part pretty well. He had the consistancy of that face he keeps doing through out the whole show. I was not fond of his character, considering he was the only child and being spoiled lead him to that, I always wonder why Lou Sa was in love with him. Everyone keep saying his breath stinks, she must of lost her sense of smell. LOL!

    I somehow already knew that Xiang Yao was the Human King's daughter from the start, so no surprised there. It seems like memory lost will hide all the answers in this story. Now on to the topic of time travel! I thought china banned series with time traveling, i wonder if they even air this series in China. Since this series is base on a novel, I wonder if it does copy the concept when Xiao Yao went back in time and meet Ying Er. The same way Xiang Yao meet Su He and Sui Wai? Who knows, This was very , very similar also.

    Another side note. I think the lady that dubbed Xiang Yao mother went out for lunch or took a long bathroom break or something. It appears that the last 3 or 4 episode there was no voice coming out of her. What was up with that, I've notice this happened many times with Sppci dubbing. I guess they don't do a quality control before their release.

    This series was not flawless, and wish it was executed more clean. The beginning was at a good pace, the middle got draggy and the ending was rushed! Weirdly I did enjoy the series! I thought it was better Painted Skin 2 and Mazu, which both I thought was a flop to boredom. At least this series was so repeaative or gave a very stupid ending! I even thought for a fantasy series , they used less CGI that made this series even better! They used enough! I hope you enjoyed this series.

    Sammul says "Until next series!" ​
  8. botled passion tvb.JPG

    Raymond Wong- Tung Bun Sin
    Niki Chow- Tsui Sum
    Eric Li- Law Yat
    Raymond Cho- Tsui Ping
    Vin Choi- Tsui On
    Claire Yiu- Wun You
    Elaine Yiu- Ko Yee-kiu
    Katy Kung- Ko Yee-Nga
    Jack Wu- Dr. Yuen Yau Hin
    Rebecca Chan- Tung kwok-hing
    Joel Chan- Ko Yee-Tai

    Dubbed by: Two DOVEs (please confirm if this is right)

    I am totally in love this series (minus episode 21!). If they would've of left it out ep 21, this series would have been my ideal and perfect series! If you guys haven’t watched it yet- is the link! If you do plan on watching it, I recommend you not read my review!

    I have been raving about this series all over this forum, the reasons being- 1. The plot is pretty interesting 2. The chemistry between the cast members is absolutely amazing! 3. The not so cliché love story is very emotional. 4. The villains. It has been awhile since I'd like anything TVB especially any series over the year 2000 are just a handful! I have added Bottled Passion to my list of favorite drama, it is also probably the best series that came out that year done by TVB (minus ep 21). What made me initially turn to this series was because of producer Lee Tim-Shing, he is also the same producer of Sweetness in the salt, Rosy Business and No Regrets, all in which I also loved! If you guys haven’t seen these series yet, I recommend them also!

    There was no promotions or spoilers for this series, that I have seen prior. Which is a good thing, because I wanted to go into it blindly. The first thing I saw was this cheesy poster below! I thought to myself- Woo it’s Raymond Wong! Hah I already had a school girl crush on him since “Sweetness in the Salt” , I was a bit shock that he was the lead, since I don’t think I seen him lead a series , and more shockingly Niki Chow will be paired up with him. What a fresh pairing!

    The cheesy Poster​

    The series had just finished airing so I had all the episodes in hand, and ready to roll! I knew that SPP was not going to likely dub the series since it was a pre-modern genre and of course I believe two doves already got their lips on it. So I watched it in Cantonese with English subbed. I am so glad I did, it just made the series more emotional and you can really hear the great acting for each character, especially RAYMOND WONG! He was just perfect as Tung Bun Sin! From the beginning to the end he kept me captivities; I felt I walked beside him through his whole journey! Okay was I the only one that cried during the Soy sauce eating scene?? Did you guys know that Raymond Wong was the third choice for this role? Well I heard from the grape vine that this part was offered to Raymond Lam and then Mosses Chan, but due to some conflicting schedule of some sort they had to turn down the role! Well thank goodness RF and MC turned it down, because I can’t picture TUNG Bun Sin as anyone else but Raymond WONG!

    Tsui Sum: I hate that I love you Tung Bun Sin!​

    Tung Bun Sin: You know you can't resist!

    Tsui Sum: Sorry I was being a little rough last night
    Tung Bun Sin: I.... I.... I kind of liked it!
    Niki was not as strong as Raymond here, but she did a fair job! I honestly think that Raymond held every scene together and made it worked! I love how their feeling evolved throughout the series and every scene with them made me have this warmth inside! I just thought the kiss at they shared near the end was so bland! Heh there was no bottled up passion there! Well I guess all his gesture towards her made it so much more intimate! There scene together is never boring and I'd always look forward to each time they meet. Totally rooting for Tsui Sum and Bun Sin!!I actually love this pairing and hope to see them collaborate in the future! Since I was so disappointed with their tragic ending! UH all frustration and hope for a happy ending down the drain!

    Besides the romantic aspect of the series, other relationships I really enjoy are-

    Tsui Sum and with her Family- Love how they always have each other backs! And I am glad the sister-in-law was not the typical annoying type.

    Tung Bun Sin and his befriend Law Yat- The bromance here was awesome! They were like batman and Robin! Lo Yat was also a very interesting character! I've seen Eric Li before, but not until this series that he shines his acting abilities! I hope to see more of him in more heavy roles!

    I also like Dr. Yeun’s friendship with Tsui Sum. I can hint that he has feelings for her, but at the same time he never really crossed that boarder so who to know maybe he is just a really nice guy!

    I was hoping that the villains had more dimension to them; it just seems that they were just evil in nature, anything for power and wealth. I use to think that there was good in evil in everyone, but with life experience I’ve seen so many people feel with greed and willing to do anything to succeed. There for this one dimensional villain is acceptable to me now lol!

    I am going to pretend that there was no episode 21 and conclude this series as one of the best series I’ve seen done by TVB in a long time! Lots of hope that Raymond and Niki will collaborate again! This time with a more logical and happy ending!

    ray and nik.jpg
    TBS and TS: Bye everyone thanks for reading =)​

    Random Facts:
    The series got many praises for Raymong Wong Tung Bun Sin, and achieve very high rating, even due to the fact that it did not get hype promotion, not including big name cast members, and was put in a very bad time slot.
    I have watch this series 4 times, 3 times in canto, 1 in khmer. I hate the Khmer dubbing! Blah. I felt the khmer dubbing was pretty bad. Editing wise and voice acting! It really took away from the series!
  9. surp.jpg

    Maggie Shiu as Ching Ching
    Hugo Ng as Ling Dan
    Maggie Chan as Su Su
    Law Lok Lam- The E-Sey rock guy

    The series is based on a very lose adaptation of the tale of Madame White snake Bai Suzhen and Green snake Xiao Qing. If you are familiar with the tale, you will know that there are many twist and turns within events and characters. In the original tale Bai SuZhen and Xiao Qing never fell in love with the same man. However, TVB decided to make their adaptation into a love triangle. The names of Bai SuZhen and Xiao Ching are also changed to Su Su and Ching Ching.

    This is an old series, but it was one of my favorites back when! Just re-watched this when Hunnie had uploaded it(Thank you to Ms. Hunnie!), but didn't have the time to write a review then. Since I am off for a week, I thought I blab my 65 cent on this series. Do I still love as much as I did back then? Yes and No! I felt the ending was ridiculous!! The middle of the series was dragged out, (thank goodness for fast forwarding: P). The beginning is my favorite part of the whole series! I just love Maggie S as Ching Ching, this was Maggie S prime! She was super adorable and looked very pretty.

    I really enjoyed the paring of Maggie S and Hugo; I thought they were super cute together and their chemistry was also sizzling. Can’t forget to mention their make out sessions! I wished that they emphasized the development of how the two sisters fell for this naive scholar more. I need more justification on why the sisters sacrifice so much for this man! I also felt that Maggie Chan looked too old for Hugo Ng, having her portray as his teacher from the Two most Honorable Knight also contribute to this factor.

    The second generation story line was very bland. It didn't help that the actor who portray Ching Ching’s son was boring himself, I guess this is why he is still an extra for TVB. The daughter in-law also looked too old to portray a teenager; her character was also very annoying. I don’t know I was never a fan of that actress, sorry I don’t even know her name, she appeared in many series in the early 90’s and never really stood out much, it felt like she was always a filler. The only person who fit part of the second generation was Su Su and Ling Dan’s daughter, she had the youthful look and she portrayed her pity party very well.

    It would’ve been nice if Maggie S had another handsome male interest! I for some reason enjoyed the Demon Catching Taoist Monk and his student. Law Lok Lam is probably the only one that looked his aged, casting wise! Hah! Sometimes it’s nice to get in those cheap laughs, for such a tragic love story! So I appreciate the duo!

    The ending was pretty tragic, yet confusing! At this point- Ching Ching and Ling Dan still love each other, but both are willing to give up their happiness for Su Su. Su Su on the other hand got karma hitting her up the rare like no tomorrow. Firstly she got raped by batman, had his son. She lives fears that every day that her husband will leave her, if she finds out about bat boy. Near the end her son rapes her daughter, her daughter commits suicide. She finds out, after 16 years her husband actually has been thinking of another women. Talk about Karma! Anyhow after losing everything, she realized her wrong doing and by redeeming herself she felt the need to sacrifice her life for another. La-di-da! All is forgiven!

    Now that both snake demons have become saint, they both only have a few days to live, so they try to divide their time with Ling Dan. I find it funny because they are demons, yet they have more consideration then humans or gods! Is it funny that most mythical gods and demons series, most of the time the demons are the good guys and human and gods are the one in the wrongs? What a cheesy ending!! Really not sure what happened to them, did they disappear into air? 20 something years later it appeared that they have became human formed again? Not really sure because it just ended like that hah!

    Anyhow, regardless with all the flaws, I still enjoy this series very much! It was a cute story! And it was different then all the other adaptation! You will really root for Green snake in this one! If you haven’t watched it, I think you should give it a try! Sorry for all the grammatical errors! :p

    Random facts.
    The original tales, Xu Xian (Ling Dan) only loves white snake, love between humans and demons are forbidden. The Monk Fa Hai ( the Rock monk) is out to help Xu Xian save his soul from white snake , who he sees as evil.
  10. [​IMG]

    Wallace Huo as Linghu Chong / Yang Lianting
    Yuan Shanshan as Ren Yingying / XuexinJiang Yiyi as young Ren Yingying
    Joe Chen as Dongfang Bubai
    Yang Rong as Yue Lingshan
    Chen Xiao as Lin Pingzhi / Lin Yuantu
    Deng Sha as Yilin
    Howie Huang as Yue BuqunWu Junyu as young Yue Buqun
    Yang Mingna as Ning Zhongze
    Han Dong as Tian Boguang

    First off Happy New year again to everyone! Best wishes in 2014 for all of us!

    I was very excited when I’d heard that Wallace Huo will be portraying my all time favorite Wuxia hero Linghu Chong, I’d even kept a close eye on the production. I was a bit disappointed when they cast Yuan Shanshan as Ren Ying Ying, since I am not a fan of her previous work; however I still kept up a positive outlook towards the production. Which didn’t last long, things went sour for me when I saw photo stills with the extended cast and more of the plot got reviled. It had mentioning that the villain Dongfang Bubai will have a love triangle with Linghu Chong and Ren Ying Ying. Not so original since they have done it with the Jet Li’s swordsman version! I’ve heard that this producer likes to copy other people’s work, for an example stealing the whole plot and tweaking the characters from Scarlet Heart and passing it as his own as Jade Palace Lock heart! A series that I shared a love/hate relationship with, but that would be a total new discussion! Just like Jade Palace I also have this love/hate relationship with this production company; there are some stuff I did enjoy watching, and some stuff that I felt that was complete garbage! Since it has Wallace in here, how bad can it be? I will just have to accept it, since I’ve already seen 2 really good adaptations, which are the TVB 1996 version and the 2001 version produced by Zhang Ji Zhong. Perhaps twist and turn will make it more refreshing and exciting. I had flushed all of my expectations of what I know about the other adaptation and went in blind so that I can enjoy the series as is.

    I could not hold my excitement when the series got aired, I didn’t even wait for the Khmer dubbed version! During the first episode my eyes got raped with the comic book like CGI that I thought was so excessive for a Wuxia series; it felt more like a fantasy series. I get it, we are in the age of computers, and having the power of CGI is great to enhance the story telling, but over doing it is not my cup of tea! There was so many scene that looks so computerize that made it lose the elements of an ancient series, it look so ridiculous at some point you feel like you are watching some cheap Sci-fi. I really wish they would make series like back in the 90’s they had some GCI, but they didn’t rape the whole show with it!

    I really disliked most of the main characters! Yes even LingHu Chong! How can they make this wonderful happy carefree character into a hypocritical dummy! No offence to Wallace, even he can’t save this character, Wallace also appeared so drain and not as handsome like he always is. I felt no connection between any of his leading lady, except for his love for Yue Lingshan. It wasn’t clear with his love for DongFang Bubai and Ren Ying Ying. Was he returning his love for DongFang Bubai because he felt he had to repay her? If he really loved her how can he be inconsistent with his moral and values, as he can’t forgive her for her crimes, yet he has a different reaction towards his teacher crimes? Also he has befriended a rapist, and all types of other evils from the Sun Moon sect, for the purpose of melodramatic romance the screen writer must add this element in. I felt I was watching “The Bride with White Hair” when Zhuo Yi Hang had a miss understanding towards Lian Ni Chang! Oh yes and falling off the cliff many times, for DongFang BuBai is like a walk in the park, she can float all over place and not die!

    Speaking of DongFang BuBai, I am not convince at her martial art status, it appears that in this version DFBB is abandon by her parents along with her sister, who we find out is the long hair nun Yi Lin. In a flash back sequence it mention that DFBB joined the Sun Moon Sect when she was young, and in such a short period of time, she can surpass Ren Woxing and the other sect members in wits and martial arts? Not buying it! Also she has to be at least 10 to 15 years and Ren ying Ying, yet she looks their age. Speaking about aging, is it me or all the older sect master, all look very youthful, I can’t tell which generation is which. DFBB motive of evil came from her history of abandonment; really didn’t justify the root of her evil in the first place. Or did I miss something? I read all over the net, of how much praised for DFBB character, and their ships on romance between DFBB and Linghu Chong. I think most of these fans are more rooting for their idol more than the DFBB. If you switch roles between RYY and DFBB people are probably be rooting for RYY. With regards, Joe Chen did a much better job as DFBB than Yuan Shanshan did with RYY. Perhaps the writer should have left the original story, and made Joe Chen Ren Ying Ying instead and eliminated DFBB. That would have satisfied most of the angry fans.

    Ren Ying Ying in this adaptation really was not as significant as she should have been. I was not sure why LingHu Chong fell l in love with her, if it was out of thankfulness, maybe he should of end up with Yi Ling instead. I felt she did more and understood LingHu Chong best. Yuan Shanshan was also a very bland and boring actress, not that i can blame her on this since her character lacks excitement or any development here. RYY should of had more vengeance towards DFBB , after all DFBB did murdered her mother, imprison her father, try to steal her man and poison her to death, instead she fell head over heals for LingHu Chong and follow him like a puppy dog.

    The ending was a disaster, copy from Painted Skin 2 (funny I just finished the movie before I started this series). Falling off a cliff was not dramatic enough, so let’s do a heart transplant! This also caused an uproar of DFBB fans that blamed RYY for causing her death. Well if DFBB didn’t poison RYY in the first place, perhaps she didn’t have to donate her heart to her. It could be that DFBB planned it all along, since she can’t have LingHu Chong, at least there is a part of her that can be with him. With the series empathizing on too much on the romance, it caused a poor execution towards the Wuxia side. I don’t entirely dislike the show, there were some pluses, such as some of the actual martial arts scene were entertaining minus all the CGI. I'd enjoyed Chen Xiao as Ling PingZhi, who I think did a exceptional job! Yang Rong was also a plus, I think she was absolutely cute, there was just some parts that I think her expression needed to change, she appeared to wear a smirk when not needed.
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  11. [​IMG]

    Mystery in the Palace

    Cast listed from top to bottom left to right

    Catherine Hung as Tong Si Ku ( hah her name is Si Ku)
    Zhang Dan Feng as Crown Prince Yin Reng
    Liu Ting Yu as Crown Prince Consort
    Mu Ting Ting as Consort Hui
    Kevin Cheng as Prince Ge Tai
    Gan Ting Ting as Princess E Dan and her own daughter Han Xiang
    Michelle Yim as Empress
    Bernice Liu as Consort Wang
    Fang Shu Zhen as Chun Zhu
    Florence Tan as Consort Xuan
    Ni Qi Min as Emperor Kang Xi
    Eddie Cheng as Prince Ta Er

    Taking a studying break right now, and what better to do but vent about this series! There will not be a summary on here, just my OWN opinion of the whole series; I will let you dread through the series yourself if you haven't already! The first attempt to watch the series episode by episode, but as it progress I find it very draggy, I skip episode 16-25 and still nothing major happened. This venting session will contain major spoilers, so if you plan on watching this series, I would suggest you stop reading now. My first attraction to the series is because of Liu Ting Yu and Florence Tan, it's rare to see them in series nowadays, to have them both stars in a series together was a bonus for me! However, it was a major disappointment! I felt that both actresses did a good job at what was needed for the characters! The problem was not with the acting, it was the characters! Overused and overplay type of palace drama characters! I’d really hope for something more refreshing, but it came out as whining with jealousy over attention and power!

    It’s now time to shift to the main actor Kevin Cheng and Gan Ting Ting. I absolutely hated Kevin Cheng’s character! I hate these types, the weak emotional, crying over spilt milk kind of character! Okay, I’ll give his character a little slack since he did find out he was adopted, but really to have him get beaten up in almost every second episode? And why did they cast him in this role? The character was supposed to be 21 years of age! Don’t get me wrong Kevin is a very handsome guy, but he is not 21 years old! It didn't’ help that they cast Florence Tan, Bernice Liu and Mu Ting Ting to play his uncle’s wives made it more out of place. I didn't feel like his character did much for the whole show but ran around and got beaten up and cry and cry, even til the end!

    As for Gan Ting Ting, she is prettier in the beginning when she portrayed E Dan, it suits her more than Han Xiang, maybe it was the hair. I think they tried to make her look youthful, with the pigtails flopping around, didn't work for me! Her character reminds me of Sam Ho from Beyond the Realm of Conscience, the goody two shoes types, nothing special! There was not much character development! I also didn't understand why they let all these maids out of the palace so easily and when they were found (or framed) to commit a crime no one got their head chopped off! To think of it, no one really dead in the show, they either got sent to prison or the cold chamber.

    Let’s talk about the whole mystery! It wasn't big enough or exciting enough for me to surround the whole series around it, since I figure out who the murderer was in the middle of the show when Ge Tai real mother showed up! And it was very unsatisfying of how it was reviled, of course, the coward Emperor didn’t even have the decency to reviled that he drunkenly had a night of passion with his brother’s fiancé! I don’t think Emperor were going to execute him for his crime, since the Emperor was the one who caused the whole misunderstanding between Ta Er and E Dan. We don’t know since the guy committed suicide. All in all if you really have nothing better to do might as well kill time with this series, another bonus is that you can see many Hk stars in here, it’s like watching a TVB series with mainland guest stars! Heh

    Random facts- The theme song is sung by Liu Ting Yu herself she has quite a pretty voice. Catherine Hung and Zhang Dan Feng are actually husband and wife in real life. Kevin Cheng stardom shoot to the top after his portrayal of 4th prince from BuBu Jing Xin/Scarlet Heart, he is not one of the highest pay TV artist in HK and very popular in mainland China now.
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