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    -The Journey of Flower-

    Review by WuxiaLover


    Starring Wallace Huo and Zanilia Zhao. The story is about a girl who was born with a bad aura which attracts demon to her, and her blood is poison. She goes to a magical school to learn magic to protect herself but falls in love with the grand teacher. A forbidden love. Lots of heartache.

    This series is painful, upsetting, devastating, yet epic in every sense of the word. I love the story, the characters, the soundtrack. The actors all gave outstanding performances. While the martial arts scenes are lacking, and the pacing can be slow here and there, the intense drama makes up for it. I was completely exhausted and broken when it ended. This is one the best Wuxia/Fantasy series I've seen in a long while. I would buy it with a proper release. I already miss this.

    Highly recommended to Wuxia/Fantasy fans. Or Asian drama fans in general. If you're open to it. 8/10

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Discussion in 'Movie Reviews' started by WuxiaLover, Oct 10, 2015.

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    1. P-Dragon
    2. WuxiaLover

      That's where I watch it as well. I was gonna post the link in the subtitle part of the forum, but I guess here is okay too.
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    3. P-Dragon
      It Sub By Viki But Viki Ain't Available at My Cambodia So It SucK
    4. WuxiaLover
      Yes, I know. As I am a contributor to Viki. I'm sorry to hear it doesn't work where you are.
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    5. P-Dragon
      It Look Like You Really Online Alot Ha Ha
    6. WuxiaLover
      Right. My work require me to be in front of a computer all day, so I'm always online. :D
    7. P-Dragon
      What us Ur Job ? Sever Hosting Administrator ?
    8. WuxiaLover
      I'm a writer. I write articles, reviews, stories, etc.

      Though I think we might be getting a bit off topic now. Let's keep it about this series shall we.

      To the Admins/Mods, I apologize for going off topic.
    9. Rei
      Thanks for the short review WuxiaLover. OSD intro looks interesting. Hoping for a dub version soon.
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    10. WuxiaLover
      A dub version is being work on by SPP. But unfortunately, they don't sell DVDs anymore it seems. They put their work exclusively on their SPPTV service.
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    11. Ironfingers
      I am a total big fan of Wallace Huo, and was looking forward to this series, however I can't get pass episode 6! It really didn't catch my attention as for now, I will probable give it another try in the future, as I hear more good then bad about this series! I really wanted to get into it, eh maybe I am over the fantasy type series. Thanks for the review !
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    12. WuxiaLover
      @Ironfingers Yea, this series definitely start slow. It doesn't actually get good until later. But even that is just a matter of opinion. I enjoyed it for what it was, despite all the flaws. And no problem, happy to share my thoughts on it.
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    13. Rei
      Maybe it'll be picked up by Hang Meas too. :D
    14. WuxiaLover
      @Rei I actually had no clue Hang Meas pick up Wuxia. lol They do? That's interesting.
    15. pocketkiriyama
      It's more like Xianxia than Wuxia to me. I honestly love the cast but since I read the novel a few months ago I would stay away from this.
    16. WuxiaLover
      Oh no, I know Journey of Flower is Fantasy/Xia. I was more referring to Hang Meas dubbing series in general.
    17. Rei
      Two years after your review, I finally saw this drama. I've been missing out on Chinese series during the last 3 years, just starting to get back into it again. I must say though, I really enjoyed JoF. It broke me a bit though since I got attached to most of the characters. The sound track is amazing btw.

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