Recent Updates Block On Khmer Avenue


I have added a new section at the bottom of Khmer Avenue front page and it is called, "Recent Updates." It will help guide other members to continue where they left off in the previous episodes.

Lets say last week you have uploaded episodes 1 to 10 and today you are uploading episodes 11 to 20. You want to let the viewers continue watching by starting with episode 11.


1. Go to "Add Video" and fill in the regular information.
2. Under category box, select "Recent Updates."

Note: Please don't do it on every single episodes.

Also, don't forget to add an image to your video so it would look nice on the front page. :)

Thanks for reading!


Level 2
Hi ash, I don't know if it is my end or something wrong with the website. But the website has been very slow likely and it tends to stop or block movies in the middle of play back. Other people that I knew told me the same thing when they try to watch some of the shows. Thanks