Fall In Love (remake Autumn In My Heart)



  • Title: 一不小心爱上你 / Yi Bu Xiao Xin Ai Shang Ni
  • English title: Fall in Love
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 32
  • Broadcast network: Hunan TV
  • Broadcast period: 2011-Jan-14 to 2011-Jan-30
  • Air time: 22:00 (2 episodes nightly)
  • Opening theme song: Yi Bu Xiao Xin Ai Shang Ni (一不小心爱上你) Accidentally Fell in Love with You by Zhang Han and Jiang Ying Rong (江映蓉)
  • Ending theme song: Can Que (残缺) Shattered by Li Wei (李炜)
  • Insert songs:
    • Jin Sheng Jin Shi (今生今世) This Life This Era by Zhang Jie (张杰)
    • Yan Lei (眼泪) Tears by Wu La (邬拉)
    • Cai Hong (彩虹) Rainbow by Jiang Kai Tong
  • Related TV series: Autumn in My Heart

At the age of 12, Qin Qing, who grew up in a wealthy family, learned that she and another girl, Mi Li, who'd been brought up by a poor family, had actually been switched at birth. Their lives are then turned upside down when both families agree to switch the girls back to their rightful identities. Qin Qing and her former "brother" Qin Lang had always been very close. Even after 10 years of separation, neither was able to forget the other, and Qin Lang returns to find Qin Qing...



I don't know if people have watch the kdrama Autumn Tale. It's was really popular. This serie is a remake. The serie was in viki and was subbed by them. It's happen i have all mp4 version for this serie so if anyone want to watch it in a good quality it's will upload soon. All are with .srt file.
SRT subtitled: Ep 01-05 http://www.sharebeast.com/ksq4g4itw1p2
SRT subtitled: Ep 06-10 http://www.sharebeast.com/e0ukuelfscrq
SRT subtitled: Ep 11-17 http://www.sharebeast.com/z06cphex34rt
SRT subtitled: Ep 18-24 http://www.sharebeast.com/v7bjjzb3fnlr
SRT subtitled: Ep 25-30 END http://www.sharebeast.com/6gy5iypdc542

Credit viki

to be continue


Add episode 06-10 :)
Enjoy it

I really love this serie, maybe because the sad love story? ;)




I did like a lot this version and the whole serie, so I recommend it


thank you so much
but episode from 1 to 8 need to be uploaded. thanks in advance. i ve been searching for this drama for ags


Thank you for sharing the series with us. I didn't know until now that there is a Chinese subtitle thread in khmerforums.


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